Tool boxes for disassembly / reassembly of Diesel injectors.

The redat has a wide range of toolboxes to be used for correct assembly and disassembly of a Diesel injector.

Each cassette contains specific tools for one type of injector.

The tools are designed and tested in our workshop in order to provide our customers with a complete box with all the necessary tools to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the injector disassembly / reassembly and repair.

In our catalogs are shown the applications of each specific box and the instructions for a correct use of the equipment.

Below are examples of our kits and links to see illustrative videos:

Denso injector assembly / disassembly tool box: 4 010 928

Cassetta iniettori Denso

Click here to watch the YouTube video of Denso injector assembly and disassembly.

Bosch piezo injectors assembly / disassembly tool box: 4 010 970

attrezzi per Bosch Piezo

Click here to watch the video on YouTube of Bosch Piezo injector assembly and disassembly  (Trailer: to see the complete video ask at

Caterpillar 3406E - PERKINS injectors assembly / disassembly tool box: 4 010 907


Tool box for O-Rings removing and inserting: 4 010 957

cassetta conetti per o-ring

Click here to see the video on YouTube of the use of tools for mounting and removing O-rings on an injector.

All the toolboxes are visible on each catalog or under the interactive exploded views and are useful for a correct repair and correct revision of the injectors.

Many other cassettes are available such as: toolboxes for Bosch injectors, toolboxes for Caterpillar injectors, tool boxes for Denso injectors, toolboxes for Cummins injectors, toolboxes for L'Orange injectors, toolboxes for Delphi injectors, toolboxes for Siemens injectors .

You can also find the toolbox for electronic actuators assembly / disassembly (Our toolbox 4 030 001: Click here to see the video on YouTube of the use of tools for electronic actuator assembly / disassembly).

In addition to all the boxes for assembly and disassembly, we also supply a wide range of tools for the revision of Diesel injectors as the following examples:

Nozzle press tool: 4 021 682

It allows to compress the nozzle for a correct assembly of the components, avoiding the breakage of the pins

Attrezzo pressa polverizzatore

Click here to watch the video on YouTube using the "Nozzle Press" tool.

L'Orange series 4000.01 and 4000.03 test bench adapter: 4 021 810

adattatore L'orange 4000.01

Click here to watch the YouTube video of using the L'Orange test rig adapter.

For more information consult our always up-to-date catalogs or contact us:

Phone: 011 969 1111