The story of Redat S.p.A.

Italian passion for Diesel since more than 50 years!
Leader in Aftermarket Diesel engine Spare Parts

Today we will tell you the story of over 50 years, step by step, of our company. How a company, like many others, can be born out of pure passion in a small garage in Piedmont and become a world-leading diesel brand.

Attilio G. Cortella 
Attilio G. Cortella (CEO of Redat S.p.A.) - America 1958


Redat starts its operation as a distributor of Fiat genuine Diesel fuel injection parts for the Italian market and exporter of Italian-made aftermarket parts.
The range of products offered to the Foreign Customers is limited to gasket kits for Diesel fuel injection pumps and Diesel fuel and oil filters.


Redat starts the manufacturing and assembly of specific spare parts, such as gasket kits, overflow valves, air vent screw assemblies, hand primers etc...


In order to have a direct knowledge of the Diesel fuel injection market and the possibility of testing the parts manufactured in house and those bought from the Suppliers, in 1973 Redat opens a workshop for the overhaul of Diesel fuel injection pumps, where, highly skilled technicians repair all kinds of Diesel fuel injection pumps.


Redat moves to the new premises of Corso Moncalieri, where more office space and the employment of more people guarantee a much better and faster service to both the Italian and Foreign markets.


Opening of our first branch, Redat North America Inc., Orlando, Florida, permits a direct distribution of Redat Products to the North American market.


Redat moves to the present address where it operates in a plant of 2400 sqm offering more than 8000 different products. Upon receipt of a sample, Redat is prepared to consider the manufacturing of any Diesel fuel injection component.

Redat S.p.A.
Our headquarters in Villastellone - ITALIA


After the success of Redat Thailand in 2000, Redat China starts operating in Beijing, distributing the Redat products in the vast Chinese market and consolidating the Redat Brand presence in East Asia


The exports of Redat products surpases the domestic sales. Despite the high bar set by the lucrative distribution of turbochargers in the Italian market, the exports, mostly composed of Diesel fuel injection products, take the lead, reaffirming the tradition of international projection of the company.


A completely renewed workshop is commissioned, with state of the art test benches from World leading manufactures. With these investments, we assure the best performance in our research and development and after sales services, and we pave the way for the expansion of the Redat products range to include the latest Diesel injection technologies.


Redat is a World leading brand, exporting the confidence of Italian quality in all five continents, always on the lookout for the latest developments in the industry and new products to expand our range and support our growing customer base.

sedi redat 
Our offices around the world
REDAT ITALIA - since 1966
REDAT THAILAND - since 2000
REDAT CHINA - since 2004
REDAT SENEGAL - since 2006 


Today our company has 88.6% of business in export, more than 100 countries and more than 1.500 customers.

Precisely for this reason we are always projected towards the future, trying to continue technologies and looking for new horizons to expand and further satisfy our customers.

Thanks to all our customers for trusting us and for supporting us in these 50 years ...