The electric car runs on Diesel.

The doubts about the actual environmental sustainability of the electric cars are more and more thick, to the point that even within the ecologist movement the idea that this may not in fact be the ideal solution is starting to inch forward. To raise further perplexities, the recent Rome Grand Prix has seen the launch of the most recent “EnelX” charging stations, provided by ENEL. The charging station worked fine, but thanks to the presence at their side of power generators provided by the Scottish company Aggreko, a specialized provider of temporary equipment for power generation. The generator ran on Diesel and forced the organization of the event to clarify how the charging stations were not used to recharge the competing cars, but only for the vehicles of the service staff. These remarks have been published by the national Sports newspaper “Gazzetta dello Sport” to try and defuse the criticisms. They did so in a lengthy and heartfelt article written by Lorenzo Baroni in which, de facto, they still confirmed the story. The generators were there, and without them part of the circus would have stopped. So it is true, the electric car runs on Diesel.

Newspaper article: "MACCHINE MOTORI"