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In this section you can find our catalogs for Diesel injectors, common rail and unit injectors, of all brands: Denso, Caterpillar Perkins, Bosch, MTU L’Orange, Delphi, Cummins, Siemens, Unit injectors, and more.

In each catalogue you will find the exploded drawings of all injectors, also available in the “interactive exploded” section, with the related spare parts: nozzles, vales, plungers, o-rings, gaskets, , solenoids, screws, rings, bushes, kits, springs, pins, plates, washers, nozzle nuts and more,  all the necessary for Diesel injection, including the special tools.

柴油机   这里有11件商品。

显示 1 - 11 件 共 11 件商品
显示 1 - 11 件 共 11 件商品