2021 has seen the rising costs of many raw materials, including steel, copper and other metal alloys, and rubbers and tooling materials which are critical in the production of our components.

We have watched the situation closely, doing our best and largely succeeding to guarantee the stability of Redat prices, but it is now clear that the increased production costs are not a passing wave but a reality which will continue for the foreseeable future.


As a result, we must implement a new pricing which will start taking effect immediately as the new price is defined for each item, and which we will do our best to finalize across all the Redat product range as quickly as possible.

Both during the roll out phase and afterwards, we invite all of our customers to ask without hesitation for fresh quotes before submitting new orders, so that the correct price can be confirmed.


All orders already in place will be supplied at the old prices, and what is not going to change, and never will, is the REDAT commitment to bring you and your customers a competitive advantage, with our best quality at the best prices we can provide.